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Michael Morse swings a phantom bat, hits a phantom ball ... and is awarded a real grand slam

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Picture, if you will, a Major League baseball game. Nationals-Cardinals, at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, and the bases are loaded for Washington.

Nats slugger Michael Morse comes to the plate and hits a drive that's initially judged to be an RBI single. The play ends unfortunately for Morse, as he's tagged out trying to retreat to first base. But -- on this night -- all is not what it seems.

The umpires convene. They consult the replay. They determine Morse's blast in fact cleared the outfield wall. Things have to be set right. But they can't go back in time ... can they?

The umps deliver Morse a simple edict: Do a historical re-enactment. He does, starting at 3:30 of the above video. He swings a phantom bat. He hits a ghostly ball. Nationals announcer Bob Carpenter issues his signature home run call for the spectral event. And ... the umpires put four very real runs on the board.

So if you find yourself, on a hazy Midwest night, being given credit for wondrous baseball feats for simply pantomiming, don't be alarmed. You've just hit the ball into ... the Twilight Zone.

-- Dan Wohl /