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Joe Maddon's latest clubhouse entertainment: a Dominican merengue band

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We've written enough about Joe Maddon's unique managerial style to fill an encyclopedia. And yet, whenever we feel like he just can't do anything else that would surprise us, he does.

After having a DJ entertain the Rays players in the clubhouse, Maddon decided to try some live music -- electing to bring in a Dominican merengue band to warm up the players before gametime.

Jose Lobaton, Joel Peralta, Fernando Rodney and Juan Carlos Oviedo particularly enjoyed the act, taking this adorable picture with "La Orquesta Sol Caribe."


Also making an appearance -- a few more magic plantains:


After magicians, animals and live music, we really can't guess what Maddon's got up his sleeve next. Not to mention, we're only a quarter of the way through the season. Who's to say what's in store if the Rays are going in October?

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