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Meet Justin Masterson: Indians ace, barber extraordinaire

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Tribe ace Justin Masterson shaves his head every day, and with 13 years of experience, he now has it down to a science. He's so good with a razor that for the Indians Wives Association auction in May, Masterson's wife, Meryl, donated his skills as a prize.

Clearly, this is no ordinary auction item, and Indians fan David Godshall knew it would be a special gift for his son, James.

"I had to hold on to it for a while -- until his birthday last week," Godshall said.

Fourteen-year-old James was excited to get his hair cut by a Major Leaguer before his swim championship next week, but was also a bit weary, telling Masterson, "When I got my hair buzzed before, they got my ear."

Masterson reassured him that he was safe: "How could it hurt? You've got some soft hands doing this!"

When asked about how he acquired his signature 'do, Masterson discussed how his upbringing in Jamaica influenced his locks.

"I wanted either dreadlocks or to be shaved bald. I tried the dreadlocks and they were disgusting."

Masterson went as Mr. Clean for Halloween his sophomore year in high school, and the rest is history.

Vinnie Pestano stopped by to welcome James to the club, saying, "Looks good, buddy...welcome to the dark side!"

"Getting the eyebrows too?" asked Yan Gomes, but Masterson shut that down immediately.

Once the cut and shave were finished, James almost looked like he could be related to Justin.

"My brother from another mother!" laughed the ace.

After taking a few photos together, Masterson offered to sign autographs -- and James' head, of course.