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Aussie ballplayer bowls 7-10 split with baseballs, magic

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Scott Wearne, a catcher for the Austalian Baseball League's Melbourne Aces, is good at sports -- all of them, apparently. He recently "bowled" a 7-10 split with a baseball, then converted it to a spare by throwing two more baseballs at once.

Despite a baseball being 1/10,000th (approximately) the volume and weight of a regulation bowling ball -- and featuring exactly three fewer finger holes -- Wearne makes this stunt look easy. We can't help but wonder if he's explored the possibility of a Happy Gilmore-style career transition to professional bowling.

Expect to see this guy elected to the Whimsically Improbable Sports Feats Hall of Fame on his first ballot, alongside Jimmy Kimmel Live's two-year-old Trick-Shot Titus: