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This Red Sox fan quit his job to attend the World Series (UPDATE II: It's probably true)

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Thanks to the Red Sox winning the pennant, there is one less furniture salesman working in upstate New York.

Gino Marcello of Rochester is such a diehard Red Sox fan that when his boss forbade him from taking the day off to attend Game 1, he decided to quit.

"He said I couldn't take off this week because I didn't get him enough notice," Marcello said. "I told him I wasn't coming in. And here I am."

To illustrate his confidence in his decision, the #FANtasking Marcello brought a huge "I Quit My Job 4 This" sign with him to Fenway, which he displayed proudly behind the Red Sox dugout during batting practice.

Any worries about paying the rent and the bills?

"I'll find something new," Marcello said. "It's worth it."

Marcello's friend (back left) also made some sacrifices to be in Boston on Wednesday.

"I'm missing a biology test," he said. "I'm done. I'll probably fail the class but it's Game 1, baby. It's worth it. Game 1 in Fenway. C'mon, man."

Update: A few tipsters and commenters noted on Thursday afternoon that there's a mattress store in upstate New York owned by a Gino Marcello Sr., implying that Gino Jr., (the one with the sign) worked in a family business and didn't leave his job to attend Game 1.

We caught up with Gino Jr. again before Game 2 and he set the record straight, saying that Gino Sr. does own a mattress store in New York, but that business was not Gino Jr.'s employer. Gino Jr. worked for an independent furniture moving company to which Gino Sr. contracted some delivery business. But Gino Jr. said the companies are completely separate, and he did in fact quit his gig.

"I told [my boss] Monday I'm not going to be at work on Wednesday and I'm going to leave early on Tuesday," Gino Jr. said. "He thought I was joking, but I really bought the tickets. I told him, 'Hey man, I'm going to the game.' Him being the Yankees fan that he is, he said, 'You can't be going to that, you're pretty much firing yourself.' I said, 'You gotta do what you gotta do.' But Tuesday after work I got in my car and me and my dad and my brother set off for Fenway."

Gino texted his boss early Wednesday morning to remind him that he wouldn't be coming to work, and then again on Thursday to say he's willing to talk about the situation. He hadn't heard back as of 6 p.m. Thursday. 

"If he's any sort of baseball fan, he'll understand and take me back," Gino said. 

And if not?

"It's hunting season right now, so it's not too big of a factor to me because I'll be in the woods most of the time. But maybe in a couple weeks, after the Red Sox win the World series, I'll start looking for another job right in time for the holidays."