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Sixty years ago, Roberto Clemente became a Pittsburgh Pirate

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The Rule 5 Draft is kind of a weird thing. The basics: Every year, during the Winter Meetings, teams can select unprotected players from other clubs' Minor League systems. The catch is that a selected player must spend the entire following season in the Majors with the team that selected him or he must be offered back to his original organization. A few notable players have been selected through this process -- including Jose Bautista, Johan Santana and Shane Victorino -- but one stands above all the rest.

On November 22, 1954, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected outfielder Roberto Clemente from the Brooklyn Dodgers. Clemente proceeded to play the entirety of his 18-season Hall of Fame career in Pittsburgh

Clemente was as amazing a person as he was a ballplayer. His legacy is still felt today, and each year MLB honors outstanding player-citizens with an award named in his honor.

Still, it's crazy to think that in some alternate universe, there's a version of history where Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente were teammates on the Dodgers in 1955 and 1956.