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On Nick Swisher's birthday, enjoy 10 of his best bro-ments from 2013

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Sup, bros?

Nick Swisher turns 33 today, so it's time to remember 10 of his greatest bro-ments from the 2013 season:

Swish's excitement was palpable at his introductory Indians press conference:

Swish, conference

Swish was already in midseason form during Spring Training:

Swish, tongue

Here, we see Swish celebrating one of his 22 home runs:

Swish, HR

On numerous occasions, we watched Swish bro-king around with his teammates:

Swish, joking

Swish also dished out bro hugs on the reg:

Swish, hugs

Swish returned to Yankee Stadium in June and a warm ovation from Bald Vinny and the Bleacher Creatures left him broverjoyed:

Swisher, Vinny

Later that week, he went on Intentional Talk to talk about his Bronx homecoming, fatherhood and BRO-H-I-O:

Swish, brohio

He also laughed a lot:

Swish laughing

When the Indians clinched a postseason berth, Swish took the opportunity to really bro it out:

Swish, celebrate

Finally, once the season came to a close, Swish enjoyed a bro-mantic getaway in Disney World with his actress wife Joanna:

Swish, Disney

Happy Bday, bro.