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Happy 13th anniversary to Turk Wendell signing a $9,999,999.99 contract

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There are superstitious ballplayers, and then there is Turk Wendell. The former reliever, who spent time with the Cubs, Mets, Phillies and Rockies, had an endless amount of quirks throughout his 11-year career. He chewed exactly four pieces of black liquorice while on the mound, brushed his teeth in between innings, made umpires roll new baseballs back to him and leapt high over the baseline at the end of each frame:


And 13, yes, 13 years ago today, Wendell, who wore No. 99, signed a three-year, $9,999,999.99 contract with the Mets. Today's date is also 12/1, which adds up to 13. And the year is 2013. And this is getting really weird.