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Homeowner moves boxes in their basement and finds a childhood Mike Trout silhouette

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Photo Credit: Reddit user DimensionsInTime

Finding a valuable painting in a basement happens now and then in the art world, but finding a baseball-related image in the depths of your house -- on a wall, no less -- has to be even more unusual. That's what happened according to Reddit user DimensionsInTime, who said they moved some boxes to reveal what you see above.

The silhouette on the left, showing the image of a young boy, is clearly labeled "Mike Trout" in what might be one of the earliest Trout autographs on record. The figure on the right belongs to Mike's brother Tyler. Of course, the discovery doesn't come completely out of the blue -- DimensionsInTime said that they purchased the house from Mike's parents.

So, was the image chipped away and preserved for future memorabilia purposes? No -- according to DimensionsInTime, they've already painted over it.