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Celebrating Willie McCovey's birthday with 9 highlights from McCovey Cove

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Hall of Famer Willie McCovey turned 76 on Friday, and to celebrate, let's turn our eyes to one of the coolest landmarks around any ballpark: AT&T Park's McCovey Cove.

The cove is an attraction unto itself, featuring some of the craziest watercraft you've ever seen:

Like a floating DeLorean:

Or a sinking pirate ship:

Or an angel, shark and panda racing on paddle boards:

Or a psychedelic unidentified floating object:

Or a dude delivering hotdogs in a kayak:

Or even an accident-prone mariner:


Of course, the most famous things to visit McCovey Cove are small, round and usually arrive via splashdown --

Sometimes from Pablo Sandoval:


Sometimes from Brandon Belt:


And sometimes, of course, from the maestro:


(You can see even more by clicking here.)

Happy birthday, Willie. May your name be forever associated with baseball awesomeness: