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Who needs the Winter Olympics when you have ski jumping at Dodger Stadium?

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Photo: Dodger Insider

The 2014 Winter Olympics are quickly approaching, and women's ski jumping will be in the program for the very first time.

Why men and women would actually want to participate in ski jumping remains unclear -- particularly when you see pictures like the one up above.

That's a skier flying high over Dodger Stadium in October of 1963.

No, really. Our friends at Dodger Insider have the story:

The Giant International Ski Show and Grindelwald Ski Swap consisted of two jumping events, a slalom race and fashion show. Among the roster of competitors was Minnesota native Gene Kotlarek, the reigning U.S. distance holder (322 feet) who was expected to contend for a medal at the upcoming 1964 Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.

So, International Olympic Committee: if you're looking for somewhere to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, may we humbly suggest Los Angeles?