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Yep, Adam Dunn stars in the Oscar-nominated 'Dallas Buyers Club'

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We teased the fact that Adam Dunn may be appearing in Dallas Buyers Club early last year, and now we have confirmation that the White Sox slugger is in the Oscar-nominated film. He plays a bartender, and according to manager Robin Ventura, showed off some impressive acting chops:

"It is shocking when you're watching a movie and you're getting immersed in a movie and you see Dunner behind the bar," Ventura told "All of a sudden it took my focus off the movie and all of a sudden you're watching him act. … He's believable. He looks like he would be doing that job. He looks like he fits that role."

And even though his role didn't include any lines, the Big Donkey felt his performance deserved more recognition from the Academy:

"It seems like that always happens," Dunn said. "The Gold Glove, every year I get snubbed on that, so I'm used to it."

Dunner. So Hollywood.