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Hey hey hey hey, it's Mr. Belding at a Brewers fan event ... what is going on here?

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Photo Credit: @JimHenderson29

Dennis Haskins, who played principal Mr. Belding on Saved By the Bell from 1989-93 (and in various other media since then), showed up at Milwaukee's winter fan festival Brewers On Deck on Sunday. Why was he there? I'm not exactly sure, but I'm also not sure if any reason's needed. What I can tell you is that this isn't the first Brewers On Deck Haskins has been to, so the actor's devotion to the Brew Crew seems legitimate, despite being raised in Tennessee and a current California resident.

Twitter user @siev27 tried to get to the bottom of why Haskins attended:

but quickly learned Belding's taste for discipline hasn't waned since his days at Bayside High:

Before the day was through, Haskins hosted a game show called "Milwacky Squares" and posed for pictures with fans and Brewers players, like Jim Henderson as seen above. You can see more of Haskins' answers to fan questions on Milwaukee's John & Cait Plus Nine blog.