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Just because: Here's Dave LaRoche striking out Gorman Thomas with an eephus pitch

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We've seen Eephus pitches go wrong at Yankee Stadium, but this classic Dave LaRoche "LaLob" from 1981 was a resounding success.

The Brewers had runners on second and third with two outs and Stormin' Gorman Thomas at the plate. Yankees manager Bob Lemon wanted to walk the power-hitting center fielder, but LaRoche had other ideas. The reliever befuddled Thomas with four eephus pitches in and around the strike zone before applying this finishing move:


LaRoche, who developed the pitch on a "dare," became a fan favorite in New York and ended his 14-year career with 127 saves. He's the father of Major Leaguers Andy and Adam and served as pitching coach for the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s a few years back. No word if he did (or still is) teaching players how to throw that 28-mph curveball ...