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Matt Williams' key to infield defense? Dance

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You might not think the stern countenance you see above guards the soul of a man with the rhythm of dance in his heart, but you'd be mistaken. That's Nationals manager Matt Williams, who also played 17 seasons of third base in the Major Leagues (racking up four gold gloves along the way). And according to him, dance is the key to effective fielding.

"If [players] can dance, then they can play infield. If they can't dance, we need to get them lessons," he told reporters on Sunday. Williams added that musical rhythm is also key on the offensive end, noting that in his playing days, "there was always music. And we would hit along with that rhythm, that rhythm to the music."

So, what kind of music does he favor to ensure optimal performance? "I enjoy something that's got a good beat to it, that I can hear the bass of it ... classical, it's hard to get that rhythm. I don't know about hardcore rap, but something that's got the constant (beat), so that we can time things on the field."

h/t Hardball Talk via MASN