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Orioles prospect doesn't know who Frank Robinson is, has to write research report

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Frank Robinson had a pretty decent baseball career: two MVPs, 586 home runs, 12 All-Star appearances, two World Series rings and an AL Manager of the Year Award. 

But Robinson's name recognition apparently isn't universal, even in Orioles camp. Baltimore prospect Josh Hart recently met the Hall of Famer and didn't know who he was:

Hall of Famer Frank Robinson is here and addressed the team this morning before they went out for stretch. Robinson also held court with the media and you can read that interview here.

[Manager Buck] Showalter asked one of the Orioles' young players, last year's sandwich pick Josh Hart when he was walking with Robinson if he knew who he was. When Hart said no, Showalter assigned him a one-page paper on Robinson to be put on his desk by Tuesday.

Attention Josh: That should be double-spaced in Times New Roman with a full bibliography page. None of those Courier New tricks.