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The Durham Bulls and Lehigh Valley IronPigs are waging a bacon-infused Twitter war

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In case you missed it, the Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs caused quite a stir on Monday when they unveiled new, bacon-emblazoned hats. Interest in the headwear went viral, reaching all corners of the Internet, including that of self-described "Comedian/Producer/Total Poser" Corn Dog Jesus. Corn Dog Jesus tweeted at another Triple-A franchise, the Durham Bulls, expressing a desire to wear the bacon hat around Durham, N.C for all Bulls fans to see. The Bulls were unfazed:

But the IronPigs didn't buy it:

The Bulls, who happen to be the reigning champions of the International League, then brought down the hammer:

To which the IronPigs said, you may have success, but not our popularity:

To which the Bulls said, you may have popularity, but not our rich history:

To which the IronPigs said, you may have rich history, but not our modern telecommunications infrastructure:

Circle your calendars for May 30: That's when these suddenly fierce and social media-savvy rivals first face off in 2014.