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Here are seven photo day images you won't find in an official media guide

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Spring Training photo day can be a hectic experience, even for Major Leaguers. So it's understandable that some players find unique ways to deal with all the stress of picture-taking and interview-giving.

Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas, for example, used his name sign as an opportunity to reenact a hit 90s sitcom:


Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez is just as thrilled that he's Hanley Ramirez as we are:


Two-time AL MVP Miguel Cabrera understands you don't need a sign to know who he is:


The interesting thing about this picture of Rangers infielder Elvis Andrus is that his name sign is actually the only thing that's right-side up:


Braves third baseman Chris Johnson is seen here following the "one serious one and one funny one" rule of photography:


Mariners pitcher Danny Farquhar took the opportunity to do an impression of a cat:


Last but not least, White Sox centerfielder Jordan Danks understands if he's not the first "Danks" that comes to mind: