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On Harry Caray's 100th birthday, hear 4 of his best calls

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Saturday marks the 100th birthday of long-tenured, much-loved, oft-imitated broadcaster Harry Caray. The Hall of Famer's career spanned more than a half-century, calling games for the Cardinals, Browns, Athletics, White Sox and Cubs from 1945 until shortly before his death in 1998. He was famed for leading the Wrigley Field crowd in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and Will Ferrell has Caray to thank for inspiring one of his most famous "SNL" impressions.

In honor of Caray's legendary career, here are four examples of his inimitable style:

Dispensing with any notion of objectivity (as was his norm) to celebrate Carlton Fisk homering for the White Sox in his first game back at Fenway Park:

Introducing the first night game in Wrigley Field's history with none other than Chicago native Bill Murray:

Getting a chance to punctuate his "Cubs win!" catchphrase with "the division!" in 1989:

When something was especially exciting, Caray would bust out the "Holy cow!" and this Sammy Sosa walk-off homer certainly qualified:

BONUS: Impersonating Caray has become a cottage industry unto itself amongst MLB players. Some of the best include Elliot Johnson:

And Ryan Dempster and Derek Holland, together:

Happy 100th, Harry!