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Francisco Rodriguez sustains cactus-related Cactus League injury

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Brewers reliever Francisco Rodriguez was due to make his Spring debut on Thursday, but that appearance may be delayed following an injury. The reason? Rodriguez stepped barefoot on a cactus, and trainers were extracting spines from his foot as of Wednesday.

"I imagine he's pretty sore today," Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke said, as reported by's Adam McCalvy. "I don't know if you guys have stepped on one, but you know how little some of the [spines] are? And they're in there for a while."

It seems like some players could use a bit more education about the dangers of the distinctive flora that, after all, lends its name to the entire Arizona Spring Training league. The Southwest may lend itself to March baseball for a number of reasons, but I can't recall any player sustaining a grapefruit-related injury.

(Just watch -- next week, a pitcher will miss an appearance with a stomach virus brought on by eating an overripe grapefruit.)