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Grady Sizemore is playing baseball again, and it's fun to watch [UPDATE: Guess who's starting Opening Day?]

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3/17: Due to an assortment of injuries, Grady Sizemore hasn't played in the Majors since 2011. In fact, the center fielder hasn't played a full season since 2008. Days when he was doing things like this:


And this on a daily basis:

But the three-time All-Star is back this spring with the Red Sox. He went 3-for-4 on Monday while making two outstanding catches:


The 31-year-old has compiled a .381/.409/.429 slash line in 21 Grapefruit League at-bats. Although he continues to battle Jackie Bradley Jr. for a starting spot in Boston's outfield, days like this will help. It's also just nice to see Grady being Grady again.  

Update (3/28): Guess what? He did it: Sizemore will be the Opening Day center fielder for the Red Sox.