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G'day, Mate! Enjoy Vin Scully's Aussie-flavored Opening Series introduction

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We've had a couple Spring Training Scullyisms already, but Saturday gave us our first official Vin Scully moment for the 2014 regular season -- and this one was live from the Opening Series in Australia.

This being a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Scully decided to tag along with the Dodgers and D-backs on the trip Down Under and gave us an Aussie-flavored version of his traditional intro:

"Down here, we would greet you by saying 'g'day, mate!' And it is a good day, or a good night, either way. We're at the sacred grounds of the Sydney Cricket Ground."

And, because he's Vin Scully, he proceeded to give us all some interesting history about the storied venue.