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Yu Darvish had a bloody brilliant outing on Wednesday

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Rangers ace Yu Darvish accidentally opened up a cut on his finger during Wednesday's start against the Mariners, but attempted to play through it -- getting some blood on his pants and the baseball in the process.


While that could be a particularly surreptitious way of getting a better grip, we'd guess that Major League hurlers aren't exactly rushing to replicate this peculiar offering for personal gain.

First of all, it's not exactly inconspicuous: that's a pretty noticeable blood stain on his pants. Secondly, you kind of need your blood to survive. Pricking a finger and going to town every fifth day seems like a bad idea.

Thankfully, Darvish did the sanitary thing and gave the blood-tainted baseball to the umpire to discard:


But we'd really like to see how the bloodball might differ from the rest of Darvish's devastating arsenal: