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Felix Pie runs in from center field to tell his pitcher to throw strikes

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Felix Pie, the former Cubs top prospect who has seen Major League time with three different teams, is spending his 2014 campaign playing center field for the Hanwha Eagles in the Korean Baseball Organization. But it turns out, Pie isn't content just catching fly balls any more -- now he wants a more hands-on approach.

In this video that was first shared on Twitter by retired pitcher C.J. Nitkowski, (who played five years in Korea himself), Pie jogs in from center field apparently to tell his teammate, pitcher Caleb Clay, to throw more strikes: 

Of course, there are any number of things that Pie could have been saying. Like: 

- "Throw more strikes."

- "Throw better strikes."

- "Throw strikes that are more plentiful and in better locations than what you have been throwing." 

- "Oh my god, I remember the actress I was trying to think of from earlier today -- Susan Sarandon! Can't believe this just hit me." 

- "For all that is decent on this planet, throw more strikes." 

Be sure to watch to the end of the video clip, too, because after begging for more strikes, Pie gets a little sassy after catching a fly ball to end the inning.