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Bob Costas is rapping again and this time it's Jay Z's '99 Problems'

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For people who live in the intersection of the pop culture-baseball Ven Diagram, Robinson Cano signing Jay Z as his representation will forever live on as a sacred moment to be celebrated yearly with some type of lavish, Hunger Games-esque ceremony. (Definitely a lot safer, though. Maybe, like, we just get a cake, invite the folks from HR, and everyone throws their diamonds up as a symbol of solidarity? Just spitballing, here.)


If nothing else, Cano's new representation and his subsequent $240 million contract have given everyone an excuse to reference Jay Z while talking about baseball. Most recently, MLB Network play-by-play broadcaster Bob Costas demonstrated that he's hip to what the kids are listening to, spotting a sign in the crowd during Tuesday night's game between the Yankees and Mariners.

Gotta love Costas putting that J-School knowledge to good use, properly attributing the lyrics to Jay Z's "99 Problems" and stopping just short of naming the label and release year (Roc-A-Fella, 2003).

This isn't the first time Costas has dropped some truth about the rap game, as he famously quoted Ludacris last year. Costas' credentials on the streets might fair a little better, though, if he managed to make it to the seventh inning stretch without needing to dash to the restroom. He had to step out mid-inning during Tuesday's broadcast: