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Here's James Hetfield and Metallica taking BP at AT&T Park

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Metallica's relationship with baseball has historically been reserved to walk-up songs and pump-up speeches (see: Rivera, Mariano). But the metal group got a little more hands-on with America's pastime on Tuesday, making an appearance at San Francisco's AT&T Park to take a few cuts before the Giants and Padres got under way.

Lead singer James Hetfield had enough power to get the ball out of the infield a few times before speaking with Amy Gutierrez about AT&T Park's forthcoming Metallica Night redux, where fans will get inflatable guitars and picks to harness the, um, metallic(?) energy of the band while cheering for the hometown Giants.

Looks like Hetfield's ironed out all the kinks in his home run stare. Now he just need to work on his bat flip.

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