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You can own MRI photos of Tommy John's infamous throwing arm

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If you're a big baseball fan with lots of zeros in your paycheck (or a very understanding landlord), you might be interested in knowing that Tommy John is selling a limited number of MRI collages showing his infamously injured throwing arm. We're willing to bet it won't include any smiley faces.

ESPN's Darren Rovell reports that 100 prints of the collage were signed by John and Dr. Frank Jobe, the surgeon who performed the groundbreaking medical procedure back in 1974. Of the 100 prints, 99 will be up for sale, while the final print will hang in the Dodgers' training facility, which was recently dedicated to Dr. Jobe.

The images were taken two years ago, when John went to an Indianapolis facility to check on a problem with his shoulder. At that time, the doctor -- out of curiosity -- took pictures of the famous elbow reconstruction.
"Nobody had ever thought of taking pictures of what the nerve looked like on 'Patient Zero,'" said his agent, Kim Berger. "When the images came up, it was like looking at the Titanic. It happened so long ago and it was so beautiful."

The prints will run you $1,295 a piece, so we'd like one for every room of the house (thanks in advance, you guys). All of the proceeds will go to John's Let's Do It Foundation where it will be earmarked for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and the American Federation for Suicide Prevention.

So, you'll be able to feel good about donating to a worthy cause and get your sports-themed, home Bodies: Exhibition off the ground at the same time. Because no home is complete without an image of the world's most notable ulnar collateral ligament adorning one of the walls.

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