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Angels gift Derek Jeter with a retirement paddleboard

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When you think of Derek Jeter, you likely think of three things: 

1. Cool, steely blue eyes.

2. Cool, steely blue leadership. 

3. Cool, steely blue abs. 

But have you ever thought of Derek Jeter as a laid back SoCal dude standing atop a paddleboard? Apparently the Angels do, since they gave the shortstop one on Wednesday night. 

Derek Jeter paddleboard

Of course, the Angels may just be giving Jeter some post-retirement career options. Since everyone knows that paddleboarding is just a gateway water sport to surfing, perhaps the Angels are hinting that Jeter should infiltrate a gang of surfing bank robbers.  

Or that he'll need to best the Joker in a surf competition

Surfing Jeter

Jeter showed a natural ability to wield the board as a weapon at the ceremony, nearly taking out Mike Trout, so it's not a huge leap to think that he'll soon be fighting crime from atop it. 

Derek Jeter and Mike Trout