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Does the new Interstellar trailer hint at baseball's future in space?

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Matthew McConaughey's McConaissance continued last week with the trailer release for Christopher Nolan's latest film, Interstellar. The clip shows a semi-apocalyptic near-future filled with food shortages, bizarre dust storms and, presumably, limited wi-fi hotspots. 

Naturally, it falls on Cooper -- a pilot/engineer played by McConaughey -- to fly into space via a "newly discovered wormhole" in search of an exit plan for all humankind. Because when McConaughey isn't catching beers thrown by Brad Pitt he's saving the world.

But that's not important. What is important is that baseball is featured in the clip around the :44 mark. 

Interstellar Baseball

What do these few brief seconds tell us about the future? Let's break it down:

1. People still go to baseball games. They just don't eat there. 

With the world either already collapsed or about to collapse, baseball games are still an integral part of life. 

No hot dogs

But notice the image: no one's eating and only one person has something to drink. While global catastrophe will never keep people from ballgames, it has seemingly destroyed the hot dog industry. Considering the nutritional value of your average ballpark frank, maybe that's a good thing. 

2. In the near future, baseball teams will no longer have logos.

No logos

Presumably this is because the logos have been stripped off and converted to a food-like product. You know, like quinoa. 

3. Even in the future, flip-up sunglasses have yet to come back in vogue. 

Pop up shades

It really is a dystopian wasteland. 

4. Is this what New York will look like? 


While this could be York, Pennsylvania or York, Nebraska, the color scheme, pinstripes, and the fact that York is the last word on the poster seems to indicate that this is somewhere close to New York.

Have our cities been destroyed and been converted to farmland? And does this mean that Shake Shack is out of business? And which is worse? 

5. There's a smoke monster. 

Smoke monster

And is it smiling? 

Smiling cloud

Is this future somehow related to Lost? Is Hurley going to appear as the affable catcher? 

6. Baseball is worth saving. 

Green fields

Most of the trailer alternates between shots of McConaughey making his "I'm just a simple engineer but OK fine I'll go save the planet" face and images of America as a burned-out wasteland.

Smoking fields

But even in the apocalyptic future, baseball is still green and perfect and beautiful. It's the Cormac McCarthy-meets-Roger Angell vision of the world. 

Unfortunately, now we must wait until November to see if Interstellar will show us what a Mike Trout leaping catch looks like on the moon. Or what a Giancarlo Stanton home run would look like on the gravity dense planet of Jupiter. Or if there is an alternate universe with an evil and skinny Bartolo Colon.

And if turns out that an evil, skinny Bartolo Colon is mankind's only hope, well, I'd rather we all just perish.