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Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg ate Friskies cat food for a year

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Meow that we've got your attention, we'd like to start by pointing out that Ryne Sandberg is a Hall of Fame second baseman who made 10 consecutive All-Star Games while accruing 2,385 hits for the Chicago Cubs (and exactly one knock in 13 games for the 1981 Phillies). Right meow, though, he's known as the skipper of the 21-25 Philadelphia Phillies. 

Every meow and then, Sandberg appears in videos that the team shows on the scoreboard out in left field between innings. One such video features Sandberg and a bunch of Phillies players admitting the strangest things they've ever eaten. Meow, most of these answers are off-beat, but a little predictable: bugs, uncommon animals and that kind of stuff.

Meow Meow

Sandberg, however, has meow admitted that he ate Friskies cat food when he was a kid.

Meow, that little morsel of information caught the attention of the guy who produces the Philly morning radio show on which Sandberg makes a weekly appearance. Meow that the host, Chris Stigall, was armed with the knowledge, Sandberg faced a line of questioning that caused him to elaborate on the admission.

"I did that as a youngster, maybe four or five-years-old, maybe six-years-old. I don't know. I guess I was hungry. I still remember the crunchiness of it was the biggest thing. This wasn't a one time thing either. This went on for about a year as a little snack," he confessed.

Meow, that's not an insignificant amount of cat food. The full audio is meow available over at CBS Radio (you'll want to put the cursor at the start of the "o" in "radio" to get to the cat food bit). 


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