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Reds beat reporter Mark Sheldon has laptop shattered by Pablo Sandoval foul ball

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Beat reporters have a pretty sweet setup. I mean, sure, rushing to file their pieces by deadline is incredibly stressful, but at least they have cushy seats, a prime view and protection from the wind and rain while in the pressbox.

With the Reds taking on the Giants Tuesday night, that security, along with a laptop, was shattered. And it's all thanks to a Pablo Sandoval foul ball. 

Sheldon's laptop

The most tragic moment is Sheldon's head droop at the end of the GIF. It's a sure reminder to thousands of people of the time their computer crashed in the midst of an all-nighter. 

As for how the Reds reporter will finish his recap tonight, we can only hope that it involves skywriters, a court stenographer and the use of an old-timey bicycle. 

UPDATE: After the game, Mark Sheldon spoke to about the incident, saying that he was just about to file his game story when Sandoval's foul smashed his laptop. Here's to the future when indestructible computers will hopefully be invented.