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Wednesday's Red Sox-Indians game got weird in so many ways

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At Wednesday night's Red Sox-Indians game fans in the stands saw their watches tick past midnight and thought, "It wasn't supposed to be this way."

There were hints that strange things were to come -- a two-hour rain delay cancelled Johnny Manziel's much anticipated first pitch, and in the bottom of the sixth inning, David Murphy fouled a pitch off the catcher and the ball ricocheted off the umpire's mask as well:


Then Brock Holt's two-run single tied it up in the seventh. After a scoreless eighth and ninth, the game went into extra innings.

Then, as one day bled into the next, so did dreams into reality. At the bottom of the tenth, this fan couldn't keep his eyes open, but he just couldn't stop drumming:


Asleep or awake, his hands beat out an endless tattoo, a rally cry that went on and on into the night. For whom does he play? This guy, of course:

Discovered behind Jonny Gomes at the top of the 11th, this fan could only be rocking out to the phantom beat of sleep-drumming man.

All of these were signs, of course, heralding the arrival of the specter of the extra-inning game -- ghosts of the past, thrilled to catch a game in the dead of night, when they might actually be awake to see it:


Or, just one guy in an Inky costume walking back and forth to stay warm. Same thing, really.