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Seth Meyers joins Pirates broadcast team, talks All-Star voting and bringing baseball to Late Night

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During Friday's Brewers-Pirates matchup, Seth Meyers, host of Late Night on NBC, joined broadcasters Steve Blass and Greg Brown in the Pittsburgh play-by-play booth to talk All-Star voting, comedy writing and, of course, baseball.

Meyers is famously a big Red Sox fan, but his father hails from Pittsburgh, giving him a lot of love toward the Bucs. He says his most ardent support for the Pirates came in the early '90s, with guys like Bobby Bonilla, Andy Van Slyke, Doug Drabek and some other guy forming the core of the Jim Leyland-led squad.

In his words, he "fair-weathered it a little bit" with the Pirates, but considering he spent most of the last decade writing for Saturday Night Live (a notoriously stressful gig), he could probably be excused for only having the energy to focus on one team.

But now that he's got his own show, he says he has time to have a personal life -- and this year, that's included watching a bit of Pirates baseball.

Check out the full interview up top, including some first-pitch talk and a helpful baseball-themed lesson on hosting a late night comedy show:

"You try not to live too much in how the last show went. You do a lot of these, you know, when you host a late night show. So, you know, you just go 'It's a volume game -- let's just try to bring that average up.'"