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Watch Justin Verlander roar like a tiger and play second base in this behind-the-scenes clip

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Have you ever wondered how a big league pitcher spends his time during batting practice? Does he head into the clubhouse and take a long shower, using up all the hot water before the rest of the team? Or does he kick back with video games and a bottle of root beer? 

Thanks to Justin Verlander giving baseball fans inside access over the weekend, we now know the answer. And actually, it's a lot like how we spent batting practice as Little Leaguers:

Verlander shags fly balls, roars like a tiger and admits that "pitchers always want to be position players."

We even get to see Verlander try to turn a double play: 

Verlander double play

How would you grade Verlander's performance at second base? 

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Verlander even gave an insider's look at the secrets kept behind the closed doors of the Tigers clubhouse. This includes magic tricks, Zubaz pants and the war veteran's cap that he believes will help bring the team to the World Series: 

Oh yeah, there were also beard hugs with a camera-shy Joba Chamberlain. Beard hugs are the the best kind of hugs.  

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