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17-year-old trolls Cubs with Steve Bartman costume ... and drops a foul ball

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Reporting, video and photos via Danielle Needles / Real-Time Correspondent

One of the strangest and most memorable baseball moments in recent memory was the Steve Bartman incident, which added to Cubs' fans long history of disappointment. You might recall that Chicago's opponent in that 2003 NLCS was the Marlins. And even though it worked out quite well for the Fish - they went on to win the World Series - one Miami fan still busted out an expertly-done troll move at the Cubs' expense at the Cubs-Marlins game on Tuesday.

Fans at Marlins Park were treated to a rare Bartman sighting (kind of) as 17-year-old James Nugent donned an old school Cubs sweatshirt and headphones for Tuesday's contest. Nugent managed to catch the attention of the broadcast crew, but WASN'T ABLE TO CATCH THE FOUL BALL THAT WENT THROUGH HIS HANDS.

Sorry for the caps, ya'll, but think about this:

In the eighth inning of Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS between the Cubs and Marlins, Steve Bartman interfered with a ball that might have been caught by Cubs left fielder Moises Alou.

And, now, 11 years later, a kid who was only six years old when the Bartman Incident took place, went to a Cubs-Marlins game dressed as Steve Bartman AND DROPPED A FOUL BALL.

If this doesn't cause the universe to fold in on itself, nothing will. Time is a flat circle ...

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