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Watch Mike Napoli hit a home run and steal home in the same game

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If you were making a shortlist of players you would expect to both hit a home run and steal home in a single game, your list would probably begin and end with Mike Trout. After all, not only do you need the power to blast the ball out of the park, you also need to have enough speed to beat the throw to home. 

On Sunday, an unexpected contender entered the fore when the great bearded one, Mike Napoli, pulled this off. 

In the top of the 3rd, after Jonathan Herrera was caught in a rundown between first and second, Napoli (with all of 28 career steals entering action) saw his moment of opportunity. Blazing down the line, Napoli somehow managed to slide underneath the tag:

Mike Napoli steal

Two innings later, just to make sure there was no confusion as to who was wearing Napoli's uniform, the first baseman smashed the 177th home run of his career. 

Mike Napoli home run

So just how did Napoli find the strength, speed and heart needed for both?