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You can enjoy self-serve beer machines, lobster-filled corn dogs and more at the All-Star Game

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All photos via Delaware North SportService

A beer and a hot dog generally suffice for fans attending a normal baseball game. But next Tuesday at Target Field isn't just some NORMAL baseball game -- it's the All-Star Game.

In preparation, the Twins will be providing some All-Star food and drink options. You may have already heard of the self-serve beer machines (yes, you will be able to pour your very own frothy goodness), but here are a few other treats you might enjoy:

Lobster corn dogQuestion: How can one possibly make a corn dog taste any better than it already does? 

Answer: Stick a lobster inside of it.


The Double Play - Fans can double their pleasure and double their fun with this polish sausage/bratwurst behemoth.


The Hangover Burger - Always wanted to munch on a burger for breakfast? Well, here's your excuse. Scientists agree that this bacon, cheese and fried egg concoction is a great way to start your day. All it's missing is a couple of donuts on both ends.


The Brat Dog - As you can see, that's a hot dog wedged inside a bratwurst, wrapped in bacon, squeezed in between a pretzel roll. May you eat this every day for the rest of your life.


If you're unable to enjoy these delicacies for yourself, Cut4 will be on-site during All-Star Weekend. Check back here for video, photos and hopefully, some lobster corn dog eating contests.