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Eric Hosmer's glove ripped on Kevin Kiermaier liner -- is this the start of a baseball glove revolt?

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And lo, it was foretold that one day a man would wield the hammer of the Gods. A man who could call forth the power of lightning and the sound of thunder with every swing of his mighty bat. 

Turns out that man is Kevin Kiermaier. Already leading the Rays in slugging percentage, on Tuesday night, Kiermaier lined a ball so hard that it ripped straight through Eric Hosmer's glove like it was a wet brown paper bag. 

Hosmer's glove

Unfortunately for Kiermaier, he was still out when Omar Infante was somehow able to corral the deflection. Probably because Infante's glove was blessed by, like, a mage or a warlock or something. 

But then, this isn't the first time this month that we've seen the baseball gloves acting up. Is it just a coincidence that Hosmer's glove couldn't hold up to the heat of Kiermaier's laser? Or are our baseball mitts saying they've had enough of catching baseballs and they want out? 

First Wilson Ramos' glove had a snafu. And we thought nothing of it, it was just one of those unfortunate events when a glove gives its last pop in service of baseball duty: 

Wilson Ramos

Then Dustin Pedroia's glove refused to let go of the ball, trying to devour it with its webbing. Unfortunately, gloves don't realize they lack digestive tracts. 


Next, Mark Reynolds' required some emergency surgery: 

Mark Reynolds

And then on Monday, Scott Downs had enough. He was tired of seeing these gloves not do their jobs and he fought back. Hard: 

Scott Downs

And that lead to tonight, Hosmer's webbing snapping on a line drive. Is this the beginning of the end? Will baseball have to revert back to the days when players had to use their bare hands to field the ball? Will the world be taken over by sentient baseball mitts? Only time will tell.