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Jason Kipnis held a ticket giveaway and one winning fan used his newborn as a bat

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Jason Kipnis held a ticket giveaway for his bobblehead night on Tuesday. Fans were asked to tweet a photo imitating his batting stance in a creative way/place.

Andrew Augustine was the first winner -- jumping into a pond with a bat and striking the second baseman's high-bat hold.

Andrew's dad, who attended the game with his son, had this to say about the photo: "Taking an aluminum bat outside when it's storming. Smart."

The second winner's photo was more of a family affair and probably our favorite:

Yes, that's a newborn baby in Coach Titman's arms. 

He brought his son to the game, where they sat in the Social Suite and each picked up one of the handsome bobbleheads. The boy's newborn sister is going to get an autographed one.