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TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?! Mariners pitching coach joins Tom Wilhelmsen in breaking it down

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Video: Jake Anderson / Real-Time Correspondent

If you have ears and the Internet (or a car radio or a '90s boombox or a Walkman) you've by now surely pondered the existential question posed by DJ Snake and Lil Jon in the instant classic "Turn Down for What".

One of the more passionate advocates for the musical styling of DJ Snake and Lil Jon happens to be 30-year-old Mariners relief pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen, who has made a habit of doin' dat thang during M's batting practice. Prior to Wednesday's bout with the Twins, Wilhelmsen was joined in his pregame ritual by Mariners pitching coach Rick Waits. 

The result is pure gold. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!