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Matt Holliday slams into Brewers security guard, looks less than thrilled about it

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Security guards, ballboys and ballgirls strategically positioned along the railings at Major League Baseball stadiums typically blend in with their surroundings. More often than not, when we're talking about one of them it's because someone flashed some leather beyond their pay grade and wowed a stadium's worth of spectators.

That didn't happen in Milwaukee on Friday. Instead, visiting left fielder Matt Holliday ventured into foul territory while tracking a second-inning popup with two men on and the Cardinals already trailing by three runs. The security guard near the tarp down the line hoisted his chair and tried to get out of the way, but proved largely unsuccessful in that endeavor. 



Afterward, Holliday gives shows off a mean mug for the ages. You can imagine that he'd be able to joke about it now, considering that he went on to channel that frustration into some serious production at the plate, finishing a triple shy of the cycle as he homered in the ninth and the Cards came back to win 7-6.