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Madison Bumgarner, pitcher, hit his SECOND grand slam of the season

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Last week, Giants starter Madison Bumgarner asked Troy Tulowitzki to consider him for a spot on the National League's Home Run Derby squad. Tulo apparently went with the "I didn't see your text" approach:

Bet he's regretting that now. During Sunday afternoon's D-backs - Giants game, Madison Bumgarner hit his second grand slam of the season:


Bumgarner became the second pitcher to hit two grand slams in one season since the Braves' Tony Cloninger in 1966

And, since San Francisco catcher Buster Posey smacked his own 4-run shot in the previous inning, Bumgarner made history in more than one way: 

Needless to say, fans were thrilled: 


Yes, that says "Snotrocket," an action of which Bumgarner is so fond that whole websites exist to keep track of them. It's also the way he celebrated his first grand slam: 


Probably also his reaction when he gets the "Sorry, just saw this" text from Tulo.