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All-Star food reviews: Kramarczuk's Double Play

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Last week, Cut4 brought you a sneak preview of Target Field's special All-Star menu. But with Minneapolis' Midsummer Classic festivities now in full swing, it's time to investigate further -- for science! See also: The BratdogBigger, Better, Burger, Brat, or Bacon Bloody Mary

What is it?

A footlong hero roll stuffed end-to-end with a bratwurst AND a Polish sausage, topped with sauerkraut, onions and peppers.

Special features?

The bun comes branded with a 2014 All-Star Game logo and the sausage is made fresh daily at the local Kramarczuk's Sausage Co.


How does it taste?

The Double Play is a tale of two sausages -- one soft and sweet, the other crunchy and sharp. Combine them on one bun, and it's like an 18-wheeler full of fresh pork chops slamming full-speed into a hot sauce factory. Also, the factory is filled with sautéed veggies and is located in your mouth.


Recommended delivery method?

We'd suggest taking down this behemoth Lady and the Tramp-style with a special friend, assuming one of you is more into sweet and the other likes to get spicy.


Is it an example of authentic Upper Midwest cuisine?

Multiple tubed meat products crammed onto sandwich and topped with pickled vegetation? On a scale of 1-to-Most Upper Midwest, the Double Play ranks a solid Vince Lombardi Power Sweep.

Should you try it?