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'I'm excited I was a part of it': Rays dugout astounded by miracle of water bottle physics

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 "You don't see that every day, and I'm excited I was a part of it," said Rays outfielder David DeJesus, in reference to the same event that Wil Myers called the number one highlight of his career. Maybe they were reminiscing about Myers' award-winning rookie season? Or the Rays clinching a wild card berth in the 2013 postseason?

No -- they were talking about the way that first base coach George Hendrick dropped a water bottle last weekend.

Somehow, in defiance of expectation and maybe a few laws of mechanical engineering, the bottle landed perfectly on its spout and remained there, unmoving. Watch the video up top to hear Myers and DeJesus discuss, in their own words, how truly incredible that moment was.

This feat was so momentous that we thought it deserved its own ballad: 

The Water Bottle of Tampa Bay: A Ballad of Baseball Sung in the Year 2014

The first base coach was thirsty on that muggy summer day

So he grabbed himself a water in the dugout of the Rays.

When at last the sweet cool liquid had been completely downed

He flipped the bottle upside and let it fall onto the ground.


But wait! The bottle did not tumble, or roll and slide about;

It bounced but once and landed, balanced on its spout, 

And oh what joy and pure delight came ringing from the crowd!

The Rays put aside their gloves and bats and clustered all around.


Once Rookie of the Year, Wil Myers did declare

"This is my number one highlight, no others can compare!""

The bottle will be remembered in all Rays' myth and lore

As the team have all refused to remove it from the floor: