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Either someone put a spell on Mike Trout or a gnome of his likeness is traveling around his hometown

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Millville, New Jersey: population 28,400. Millville, which sits about an hour south of Philadelphia, was incorporated as a township in 1801 and re-incorporated as a city in 1866. You don't care about any of that, though, because Millville is also the hometown of one Mike Trout.

Trout just took home MVP honors from Major League Baseball's 85th All-Star Game after going 2-for-3 with an RBI triple (scoring Derek Jeter, as MLB Network eerily predicted) and the RBI double that plated the winning run. Now, as we toil with our last day of the All-Star Break, a gnome version of Mike Trout is sightseeing in Millville.

#MikeTrouttheTravelingGnome aka the Most Valuable Gnome ("MVG" for short) checked out Trout's old stomping grounds, visiting Millville High School and Mike Trout Field, and grabbing a bite at one of Trout's favorite lunch spots. (Can you say "power lunch?") 

The little guy even managed to get some beach time in before having to head back to work as the Angels host the Mariners on Friday, where #MikeTrouttheTravelingGnome will be the promotional giveaway.