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Your brain is going to leap out of your head and your heart is going to break your ribs after you see this adorable father-son catch

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Listen, I warned you in the headline, okay? I told you that the level of cuteness below is harmful to your health, potentially deadly.

Famed doctors from around the country have said that if you watch the GIF that is directly below this text, featuring a father and a son sharing a moment at the Braves game on Monday, that there is a 50 percent chance your eyes will burst out of your head like a crushed grape. The human brain simply cannot process this level of cuteness, even if you do spend most of your days watching reruns of Puppy Bowl

After Freddie Freeman fouled off a ball into the stands, the intrepid father made the grab. Naturally, it inspired this. 

Father son catch

It's too much! The cuteness is too much, I can't take it any longer! 

If you're still reading this, you're likely in the mood to call your parents and tell them that you love them and that you wish you could hug them. That's a good idea. Do that.