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14-year-old girl's incredible catch upheld by instant replay

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The Reds hosted the Diamondbacks at Great American Ball Park on Monday for a dramatic affair that lasted 15 innings (FREE BASEBALL!). Things got particularly tense in the bottom of the ninth when a 14-year-old girl sitting down the right-field line grabbed a foul ball and the spotlight with an impressive flash of leather.

Kayla Greer and her father were sitting in the first row of a section of seats along GABP's right-field line where Todd Frazier sent a foul ball in the last of the ninth. D-backs left fielder David Peralta ranges over to make the play, but pulls up when Greer makes one heck of a catch from above. 


The call was sent to New York where it was analyzed at the Replay Command Center as Greer's father worried that his daughter might have just cost the Reds an out. Eventually, the crew OK-ed Greer's grab, she was interviewed by the broadcast crew and had the ball signed by Reds third baseman Todd Frazier.

Greer's night was only hampered by the fact that the D-backs came out on top 2-1.