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The Rangers surprised Derek Jeter with a pregame visit from former President George W. Bush

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When Derek Jeter played his final regular season game at Globe Life Park on Wednesday, Rangers greats Michael Young and Pudge Rodriguez presented him with a pair of personalized cowboy boots and a $10,000 donation to his Turn 2 Foundation. But wait, you say, didn't the Astros give him a pair of personalized cowboy boots all the way back in April? What is the Captain going to do with two pairs?

First, don't worry about it. Derek Jeter probably has shoe closets the size of my entire apartment. Second, did the Astros also bring out the 43rd President of the United States? After a brief video detailing Bush's visit to Yankee Stadium just a month after 9/11, George W. Bush himself came out onto the field to give Jeter a picture of the day they met in October of 2001.

For the entire ceremony, watch the video above. Or watch this brief highlight, in which a former President of the United States gently pats Pudge Rodriguez on the head: 


This is going to be a hard one to top. Can you imagine how many missed calls Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have from the Tigers and the Rays? And who knows what kind of necromancy the Red Sox must be up to? It's either that or they convince Paul Giamatti to masquerade as the ghost of John Adams