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Rockies and Cubs engage in Great Dugout Cup Art Battle of 2014

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While every MLB team fields a roster of 25 guys each day, it's extremely rare that all 25 guys will feature in any one game. Usually, teams will only use about half their players in one matchup, meaning that there are some guys in the dugout who spend their afternoon at the ballpark just like all of us do: watching baseball and goofing around with their friends.

Take the Rockies, for instance. Check out what some of their players were able to do with just a few cups and the Wrigley Field dugout fence:


Pretty impressive, right? Not to Cubs catcher John Baker, who told, "Nobody comes to our ballpark and does that."

And so, to defend his team's honor, Baker decided to decorate his own dugout ... and one-up the "Rox" by one letter: