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65-year-old fan makes sick grab at Wrigley, pulls switcheroo before throwing ball back

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Video and reporting courtesy of Brian Corbin, real-time correspondent

Mike Pullin is a 65-year-old champion on the Professional Bowling Association Senior Tour (now the PBA50). On Monday evening, Pullin was sitting in the last row of Wrigley Field's bleachers and flashed some serious leather on a Mark Reynolds homer than looked destined to leave the park.

When Reynolds sent a second-inning blast deep into the left-center field seats, Pullin stood in the last row, reached up over the railing and brought the ball back into the park.


Before returning it from which it came, Pullin had the smarts to pull the ol' switcheroo so that he could keep the souvenir for himself. (The ball he threw back is the one the family dog uses at home.) Pullin credits his extensive softball experience with preparing him for his moment of fame in the bleachers.

If Pullin's fielding wasn't impressive enough, check him out doin' his thang at the PBA Brunswick Senior Slam back in 2000: